The Needed Space To Form Potential Leaders

For a young country like Timor Leste, education of the young generation is crucial to ensure the development of the country in the future. In a country where access to quality education is rather hard to come by especially in the rural areas. The Jesuits are running a secondary school outside the capital Dili. The Jesuits school Colégio de Santo Inacio de Loiola (CSIL) – now on its sixth year of operation, is aiming to cater for the needs of the local rural communities as well as deserving students from other areas.

One of the challenges these schools are facing is how to boost the number of students from the local communities around. In order to promote more inclusion on these group of rural students, the Jesuits devised a program to help bridge the capacity of these students and the standards of the school. Hence, the Ulmera Project is conceived to provide remedial courses and to capacitate these students. The results are remarkable on how a number of locals are making their way to join the school and improve tremendously in their academics due to their determination.



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