Inauguration of Water Facility in Tuhilo Kraik

DSC_0776 copy.jpg

On February 23rd, 2019, the community of Tuhilo Kraik celebrated the inauguration of the newly established water facility, which was administered by the Jesuit Social Service (JSS) in close collaboration with the local residents. This is a remarkable achievement and will be highly beneficial for this community in helping them access clean water without having to walk distances and using plastic containers to fetch water.

Before the establishment of the water facility, many households in the community of Tuhilo Kraik had to spend many hours just to fetch water for their daily needs. That was because they had to walk through rugged terrains and carry their plastic containers or bamboo containers to get the water from the fountain. Some of them used bamboo as pipes to canalize water to the nearest distance to their house, but this method was not effective and did not last very long. The bamboos were not steady to hold the water flow and many times the had to redo everything.

This community project is made possible through the generous support of Jesuit Mission Australia. Our deepest gratitude to the many donors and friends who supported the Jesuit Mission campaign to support this project.

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