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September 2019 marks the 20th death anniversary of Jesuit priests: Fathers Tarcisius Dewanto, SJ and Karl Albrecht Karim, SJ along with other priests, nuns, seminarians, and lay people who shed their blood for the country. Their love and courage will be remembered to inspire our young people.

September 2019 is also a historic year for the Jesuits in remembering their two brothers and priests, Fr. Tarcisius Dewanto, SJ and Fr. Karl Albrecht, SJ, that were killed because of sacrificing themselves to protect those who were suffering from brutality and violence and fled their homes and families. Their deaths signify a meaningful lesson and revive in our hearts the spirit of love and sacrifice for others. Their friends and families will always be remembering the love and courage that they gave to others especially the Timorese people who found a safe haven in their arms times of hardship and suffering. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friend.

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