CSIL Inaugurated Its New Science Laboratories and Welcomed Its New Director

August 6th, 2020 marks another important milestone for the Jesuit Education Project in Timor – Leste. On that day, Colégio de Santo Inácio de Loiola (CSIL) hosted two very important events: the inauguration of the CSIL Science Laboratories and the turn-over ceremony of the new CSIL Director. Father Joaquim Sarmento, SJ (Regional Superior of Jesuits in Timor), Father Isaias Abilio Caldas, SJ and Father Julio Sousa, SJ (the two newly ordained Jesuit priests), Mr. José Lobato (Country Director of Santos Ltd), His Excellency Mr. Fernando Hanjam (the Minister of Finance), local authorities, and parents of the students were there to inaugurate tha laboratories. CSIL students, CSIL alumni, and friends and families also participated enthusiastically in the event.

The events began with a thanksgiving mass presided by Fr. Isaias and concelebrated by Fr. Julio and accompanied by the Regional Superior and the other Jesuit priests. Fr. Roberto M. Boholst, SJ, the then Director of CSIL, delivered the homily expressing his gratefulness for the completion of the Science Laboratories and at the same time narrated a firm message to the students, parents, and benefactors on how a strong collaboration and dedication can make the school a better learning space for the students. “Our new Science Laboratories is realized because of our strong collaboration. Collaboration is the new norm. Our school is grateful for anything that we receive and we welcome anyone that wants to help because our aim is to do the best for others, for the future of our children. So, for all the students, I want you to use this laboratory competently to be competent citizens and faithful servants of God that contribute to the construction and prosperity of the country.”