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Fr. Arturo Sosa SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, has released a letter on the Universal Apostolic Preferences after giving the UAPs to the Holy Father and receiving them back from the Holy Father as a mission for the whole Society of Jesus around the world in the next ten years. The letter on the UAP encompasses four main mission preferences.

(Pe. Arturo Sosa SJ, Superior Geral Jesuíta sira nian fó sai ona karta kona-bá Preferénsia Apostóliku Universál (UAP) depois de entrega tiha UAP ne’e ba Amu Papa no simu fila fali UAP ne’e husi Amu Papa hodi sai hanesan matadalan ba misaun Jesuita sira-nian iha tiha sanulu mai-ne’e. Karta UAP ne’e hakerek preferensia/matadalan ha’at ba misaun Jesuita nian.)

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Reaching Their Dreams


“Go Forth and Set the World on Fire” is the theme chosen by the pioneering batch of Colegio de Santo Inacio de Loiola for their momentous graduation day,
on the 22nd of December 2018, Saturday. The ceremony started with a thanksgiving mass
presided by Fr. Joaquim Sarmento, SJ, to give thanks for the grace and spirit of accompaniment that God bestowed onto the students from the day they started their education at CSIL until this very day of Graduation. It is also a thanksgiving mass for the efforts of all the educators, parents, staffs, superiors, and everyone that contributed to the success of these students today and in the future.

The spirit and efforts of the students make them more inventive in looking for ways to find some financial support for their graduation ceremony. On the 12th of December 2018, the students organized The Loiola Concert to raise some fund by selling concert tickets to other schools and whoever interested in watching the live musical event.

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CSIL Cross-Over Ceremony


On Thursday, 20th of December 2018, Colégio Santo Inacio de Loiola (CSIL) celebrates the cross-over ceremony of 112 year-9 students crossing over to year-10. The ceremony started with a thanksgiving mass to celebrate the success of the junior high students over the past three years and to thank God for all the blessings that they have received. This is a celebration for the students to ask for God’s Blessings before they begin their Senior High School next year and to give them courage to tackle the next phase of their journey.

This momentous ceremony gave the opportunity for the students to extend a special welcome to their principal, priests, staff, parents, family, and friends who were present in the celebration. The students were engulfed in a joyful moment seeing the presence of all the people that have stood with them and guided them during their years at CSIL Junior High. This is the time for them to appreciate the efforts and contribution of all these people for their success today and in the future.

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