Their numbers are growing though not so remarkable the past several years now. The Jesuits in Timor Leste received two new scholastics among their ranks as Jesuits as they pronounced their first and perpetual vows on the 27th of April, 2018. Helio Ramos da Silva, SJ and Deonisio Freitas Mesquita, SJ took their vows before the blessed sacrament in the solemn mass presided by the Regional Superior, Fr. Joaquim Sarmento, SJ.

Helio and Deonisio professed their first vows on the 27th of April 2018. The occasion was attended by their families and friends. Their vows were received by the Regional Superior, Fr. Joaquim Sarmento, SJ. In his homily and words of encouragement for the vovendi (as the candidates for the vows are called among the Jesuits), he tells them a story ‘of a young boy who has to navigate the dark pathway in the forest. Upon the instruction of his father, he was made to carry a flaming torch with an instruction that he should protect the flame at all cost. Be prepared to make a sacrifice if necessary. You may slip on the mud or trip on the obstacles, but never let this flame snuff out.’ The moral of the story applies to the two who has just pronounced their vows. Like the young boy, they are to carry the flames in their hearts, burning for the love of Christ and his church. With our prayers, may Helio and Deonisio continue to be ignited for mission and be prepared to withstand the odds with their loving sacrifice of their own lives for the will of God.

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