Feeding program was established in 2005 in the sub-district of Railaco, Ermera Municipal. This program is administered by Clinic Na’in Feto Virgem Maria in Railaco and organized by Fr. Bong SJ, a Jesuit priest and also a Doctor who is on his pastoral mission in Railaco. This program is also running in partnership with the Mobile Clinic program which is also operating in Railaco. However, Feeding Program is focused on providing nutritious food for children in the rural areas and remote villages in Railaco.

Feeding Program provides nutrition for children ranging from eight to twelve years old. The team organizing the program goes to the locations three times a week to three remote villages where living condition is harsh and lack of basic necessities. These three villages are: Cocoa, Caitarahei, and also Railaco Leten (Libdodo). The locations and the schedule of the visits are planned by the team.

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A Year of Love and Blessings


In this December newsletter, Fr Joaquim Sarmento SJ, Delegate of the Regional Superior, sends his Christmas message, in which he mentions some of the blessings that 2016 has brought the Jesuits in East Timor.

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News from the Jesuits in Timor-Leste, April-May 2016

In the last two months, two Filipino Jesuits missioned to Timor-Leste completed their assignments.  Both played major roles in our educational institutions.  Fr Robert Rivera SJ worked hard to organize the first days of Instituto São João de Brito (ISJB) before returning to the Philippines last month, and Fr  Weyms Sanchez SJ is scheduled to leave in June, after one and a half years with Colégio de Santo Inácio de Loiola (CSIL).

So, in this April-May issue of our newsletter, we provide an update on the changes in CSIL, ISJB and Escola Secundária Catolica Nossa Senhora de Fátima Railaco (NOSSEF).

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