Health Care to the Rural People of Railaco !


In 2004, the Jesuit Mission in Railaco established a public health care program called the Mobile Clinic which is administered by the central Clinic Na’in Feto Virgem Maria in Railaco Villa. The aim of the program is to help local residents in remote areas to have access to health care, especially those who are not able to seek medical attention at a different location. This wheel-based health care service is truly beneficial for the people in the remote areas of Railaco and has helped to alleviate the health problems that the people in their respective areas.

The Mobile Clinic program is organized by Fr. Bong SJ who is responsible for the Jesuit Mission in Railaco and also this Mobile Clinic program. In addition to his pastoral duties, he also serves as a doctor for the Mobile Clinic with two of his assistants who are also supported by the St. Canice Parish in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, Australia. The team of Fr. Bong are driven with compassion to bring health care to the people who are in need of treatment but because of their geographic location, are cut off from access to basic health care.

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Feeding program was established in 2005 in the sub-district of Railaco, Ermera Municipal. This program is administered by Clinic Na’in Feto Virgem Maria in Railaco and organized by Fr. Bong SJ, a Jesuit priest and also a Doctor who is on his pastoral mission in Railaco. This program is also running in partnership with the Mobile Clinic program which is also operating in Railaco. However, Feeding Program is focused on providing nutritious food for children in the rural areas and remote villages in Railaco.

Feeding Program provides nutrition for children ranging from eight to twelve years old. The team organizing the program goes to the locations three times a week to three remote villages where living condition is harsh and lack of basic necessities. These three villages are: Cocoa, Caitarahei, and also Railaco Leten (Libdodo). The locations and the schedule of the visits are planned by the team.

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