ST. CANICE’S PARISH AND RAILACO PARISH: “A Very Fruitful Relationship”

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Last week, parishioners from St. Canice’s parish, the sister parish of the Railaco parish that have been supporting Railaco for many years, along with other friends from Australia came to Timor – Leste. The whole week, from June 23rd to 28th, was a very fruitful and memorable time for the 18 visitors and parishioners from the parish of St. Canice in Sydney Australia that spent the whole week in Timor. The group visited the Railaco parish and some remote villages in Railaco and also the Jesuit schools in Kasait. The aim of their visit was to see the reality and the progress of the Railaco parish in the programs that are supported by the St. Canice’s parish such as: feeding program, mobile clinic, NOSSEF high school, water project, and other projects of the Jesuit Social Services.

Even though the visit from the parishioners of St. Canice was a momentous occasion for the communities especially the residents in the remote villages of Railaco, this was an opportunity for the parishioners of St. Canice to witness and meet the people – children, students, teachers, elders, youth– whom they have had such a successful long distance relationship with.

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Fr. Arturo Sosa SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, has released a letter on the Universal Apostolic Preferences after giving the UAPs to the Holy Father and receiving them back from the Holy Father as a mission for the whole Society of Jesus around the world in the next ten years. The letter on the UAP encompasses four main mission preferences.

(Pe. Arturo Sosa SJ, Superior Geral Jesuíta sira nian fó sai ona karta kona-bá Preferénsia Apostóliku Universál (UAP) depois de entrega tiha UAP ne’e ba Amu Papa no simu fila fali UAP ne’e husi Amu Papa hodi sai hanesan matadalan ba misaun Jesuita sira-nian iha tiha sanulu mai-ne’e. Karta UAP ne’e hakerek preferensia/matadalan ha’at ba misaun Jesuita nian.)

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Inauguration of St. Inacio de Loiola Chapel of Railaco Kraik


“My fellow Timorese, move forward and love your lives. Life is beautiful and it is a blessing. So, each and every one of you should live your life to the fullest. You should fight to promote the value of your lives and seek in yourself to be the best you can, to be able to respect others, to serve justice, and also to fight against evils that may come to your lives”. This is the message of encouragement from Pope Francis to Timorese and reiterated by Bishop Virgilio do Carmo SDB in his sermon during the inauguration of the Chapel of Railaco Kraik on November 9th, 2018.

The inaugural ceremony that was presided by Bishop Virgilio do Carmo SDB and concelebrated by other Jesuit priests was a blessing for the communities in Railaco Kraik who had been waiting enthusiastically to celebrate that very day.

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